An Artful Investment

Lauren McCardel standing on a sculpture

Lauren McCardel &
Patricia Richards Cosgrave P’91

For more than 30 years, the Philip and Muriel Berman Museum of Art has not only been a hallmark of the Ursinus experience, but a crown jewel of the art world within the region. It’s an asset worth protecting.

Thanks to the generosity of Patricia Richards Cosgrave P’91—an Ursinus trustee and chair of the Berman National Advisory Council—the college and museum established the J. Permar Richards Fund for the Outdoor Collection. Named in honor of Cosgrave’s father (and the grandfather of her son, Michael Cosgrave ’91), the fund will support the conservation and preservation of the Berman’s unique outdoor sculpture collection of nearly 80 works located around the Ursinus campus.

The museum continues to grow. In the past year alone, several new programs have further engaged the campus community, friends, and neighbors, including area K-12 school districts, and efforts are underway to digitize the museum’s permanent collection.

“Patti’s investment in the collection’s care is truly an investment in Ursinus, our community, and our future. Gifts like hers ensure that the museum maintains its professional standards while continuing to offer learning and engagement.”

~ Museum Executive Director Lauren McCardel