Service at Home and Abroad

Christian Rice ’98  & Angela Upright ’17

Christian Rice '98 & Angela Upright '17

For two Ursinus-alumni-turned-employees, giving back to the community extends far beyond campus borders. When the Bonner to Jamaica had to be canceled due to the pandemic, no one expected it would be a three-year hiatus. So, when the Bonners traveled to the country this year, they were met with tears from community members, who welcomed the return of the 14-year partnership and friendship.

“In many ways it’s the cornerstone of the Bonner program because it’s a trip for the first-year students, so all Bonner students have this as a similar shared experience.”

~ Assistant Professor of Philosophy and the Humanities and Bonner Director Christian Rice ’98.

On campus, Assistant Director of UCARE Angela Upright ’17 helped establish a community closet, which offers business clothing to students on a free and anonymous basis. The closet is the result of an Inclusive Community Grant she received with Assistant Professor of Health and Exercise Physiology Nicole Ivaska.