We only get one planet. Ursinus is uniquely positioned to leverage our assets and expertise to steward our lands and natural resources and build a more sustainable future. Through community partnerships and classroom and research experiences, Ursinus intends to provide solutions to our most pressing environmental challenges.

Lessons from the Ocean Floor


Stewarding Our Shared Land


Healing Our World


The World Under Our Feet

  • <section class="large-cta" style="background-image: url('/live/image/gid/118/width/1440/height/730/46021_Ryan_Beltz_copy.rev.1695660081.jpg')"><div class="large-cta__overlay"><h3 class="large-cta__headline">A Partnership That Runs Deep</h3><div class="large-cta__caption">Dedicated to the protection of the land and water resources of the Perkiomen Creek, the Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy (PWC) serves as an important partner to both the college and the Borough of Collegeville.<br/><a class="btn-link" href="/support-uc/annual-report/planet/a-partnership-that-runs-deep/">Read</a></div></div></section>