Stewarding Our Shared Land

Sarah Fisher ’23

As someone who grew up near the Perkiomen Watershed, Sarah Fisher has a vested interest in protecting it.

“It’s always been really important to me,” said Fisher, an environmental studies major who gained invaluable land stewardship experience as an intern for the Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy. “Being able to work with the community to help design projects that will not only improve their local ecosystem, but their lifestyle, too, shows how the environment is very connected to every part of life.”

It’s a connection that also holds meaning to the Delaware Tribe of Indians, and in support of Ursinus’s partnership with the tribe—the Welcome Home Project—Fisher began her own independent research that resulted in the development of an action plan backing the college’s Statement of Mutual Intentions, which commits to acknowledging and protecting the tribe’s ancestral land. She presented her work to lawmakers in Harrisburg, Pa., last spring. “

You’re not just taking care of the environment, you’re taking care of an entire community.”

~ Sarah Fisher ’23

Sarah Fisher '23

Meet Sarah Fisher ’23