GOLD Standard

Fall 2019 Issue


  • Sara Vukas and family posing at Ursinus College Commencement

    Homecoming for Sara Vukas ’18 and Ginger Rossnagel Vukas ’79

    Homecoming is a time to reunite with your friends after leaving college. It is nice to have a date every year dedicated to reuniting with Ursinus alumni. It doesn’t matter if you graduated last year or ten years ago, everyone has an enjoyable time. This was my second year attending as an alumna and it was special this year because my mom, who also graduated from Ursinus, attended as well for her 40th reunion.

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  • LOVE statue on the Ursinus College Campus during the Spring

    Did You Benefit From Philanthropy at Ursinus?

    When you think about philanthropy and donating to a cause, what comes to mind for you? We explore philanthropy, the role it plays in the Ursinus education, and why it’s important for young alumni to collectively make a difference through their donations.

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  • Philadelphia Skyline

    The Do’s and Don’ts of Apartment Hunting

    As Ursinus Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLDs), we’ve all been there—it’s time to move and you’ve never rented an apartment before or maybe you have and you feel like you forget the process of apartment hunting altogether. We sat down with a few GOLDs who have gone through the search more than once to get the best tips and tricks to help you navigate your next search for housing!

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  • Giving committee posing with the Ursinus mascot

    Ursinus Giving Closing in on a Major Milestone

    As the Ursinus community celebrates its 150th anniversary with alumni gatherings, special events and historical celebrations, the advancement team of the college has been busy with one goal, to “keep the promise.”

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