The President’s Priorities Fund

The President's Priorities Fund

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Under the leadership of its 19th president, Robyn Hannigan, the college is looking ahead to a bright future, one marked by increased access and affordability, an elevated student experience, enhanced academic quality, meaningful external partnerships, and fiscal sustainability. The President’s Priorities Fund supports President’s Hannigan’s vision with a vital infusion of resources, helping to move the college to even greater success.

“I ask myself what the Ursinus community needs right now and the answer is clear: stability, ethical action, inclusivity, integrity, and a vision that will ensure our long-term strength as an institution.”

- President Robyn E. Hannigan

Robyn Hannigan

Since its inception in 2022, the President’s Priorities Fund has advanced crucial initiatives that directly tie to the college’s Quest for Success strategic framework. Most notably, it has funded the creation of the College Innovation Council (CIC), a group that solicits and funds transformational ideas from the campus community that link to the three pillars of the strategic framework: student success, One Ursinus, and partnerships. Visit the CIC’s website to read more about projects funded in 2023. To date, the President’s Priorities Fund has also bolstered work around student retention, professional development for faculty and staff, and health and wellness at Ursinus. 

We are grateful for the donor support that makes this, and more, possible at the college!