Sycamore Club

Our Sycamore Club recognizes those loyal supporters who have made contributions to Ursinus College for five or more consecutive years.

Through much of Ursinus’s history, a mighty sycamore tree stood at the location of the current Patterson Field. Determined to be 200-250 years old at its falling, the tree came to symbolize the lasting strength of the college and the longevity of its traditions. The Sycamore Club honors that same legacy from our donors, acknowledging those whose consistent giving for five or more years—at any amount—exemplifies a deep commitment to the enduring success of Ursinus. Our Sycamore Club members, many of whom have given consecutively for 20 years or more, represent the backbone of the college, with their dedication driving our many achievements. They are offered lifetime membership for donors who have given for 20 years consecutively, including invitation to a special annual donor recognition event.

Make your annual contribution to Ursinus today, and build a tradition of giving to become a Sycamore Club member.