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Peer Advocates

We strive to educate our community about issues relating to sexual misconduct in an effort to prevent harm on our campus. We aim to provide a safe, inclusive, and judgment-free space for open dialogue about the issues relating to sexual misconduct that affect all of us and our campus as a whole.

Additionally, the group is here to provide support and guidance for any campus member who is dealing with a personal issue of Title IX/Sexual Misconduct. The Peer Advocates hope to be a presence on campus that students can turn to for either general information regarding sexual misconduct or assistance with any part of the reporting process. Through this, we want to see an increase in awareness and less unreported incidents of sexual misconduct at Ursinus.

*Peer Advocates are mandated reporters for incidents of Title IX/Sexual Misconduct. 

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Meet our Peer Advocates

Peer Advocates offer one-on-one support for complainants seeking guidance through policies, procedures, and resources on and off campus.  Peer Advocates guide complainants and respondents through each step of the college’s procedures.

Meet Our Students

Tia Alan

Tia Alan (she/her)

Class of 2024 | Chester Springs, PA

“I think that being a part of a solution can create a better environment for the campus community as a whole.”

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Alex Bender Profile

Alex Bender (she/her)

Class of 2024 | Horsham, PA

“Everyone can always use a little bit more information on setting boundaries, healthy relationships, and how we should live together.”

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Lauren Gherman Profile

Lauren Gherman (she/her)

Class of 2025 | Gaithersburg, MD

“I really like getting to interject on a personal level with the community.”

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Jael Hicks Profile

Jael Hicks (she/her)

Class of 2025 | Blakeslee, PA

“It is important for students to have peers to talk to…”

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Gabby Price Profile

Gabby Price (she/her)

Class of 2025 | Scranton, PA

“Being able to spread information, and support my peers is truly amazing!”

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Tia Alan

Alex Bender