Peer Advocates Answering Questions at the 2022 Consent Event Peer Advocates Answering Questions at the 2022 Consent Event

Campus Programs and Training

The Peer Advocates are trained student leaders who can present to your group, team, or class on a variety of topics including the below formalized workshops:

  • You Throw Like a Girl: Rape Culture Workshop
  • That’s Not Love: Dating Violence Workshop
  • My Name is Not Baby: Catcalling Workshop
  • How to Help a Friend: Responding to Disclosures of Title IX Workshop
  • How to Be the Solution: Bystander Intervention Workshop
  • Building a Better Life with Boundaries: Self-Care Workshop
  • Consent and The Red Zone: First-Year Orientation Workshop
  • Custom Workshop per the needs of your group, team, or class

The Peer Advocates can also provide support during any events or meetings that may feature triggers or warrant questions regarding sexual misconduct, gender-based discrimination, or any other Title IX-related issue.

Examples include: 

  • Attendance and engagement at student presentations
    • Student-led discussion on Incels featuring video and research by ContraPoints
  • Collaboration with other on-campus organizations for annual events
    • Support at the Diversity Monologues hosted by The Bonner Scholars
  • Representation and advocacy at class, team, and hall meetings
    • Presentations to first-year residence halls and education of on-campus resources

For program requests:

Please contact the Peer Advocates at to request a workshop with your hall/group/team or complete this webform.