Winter 2017

Volume 119

  • Dear Readers,

    Last fall I had the incredible opportunity to visit Australia. Not only did I spend time with my son, who is studying abroad there, but I also went scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef. (You may have seen some photos on Instagram from “Brockadile Dundee”…) Despite some close encounters with fish in the shark family, I experienced a majestic landscape. I was in unfamiliar waters, but I took a risk. keep reading

Also In This Issue

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    Making Art Accessible

    Jennifer Zwilling ’99, a history major, stepped into the art history field and never looked back, well, unless it had to do with art history.
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    The Art in the Liberal Arts

    Deborah Barkun is working with students involved in curating the current Berman Museum exhibition, and teaching a museum studies class in Philadelphia.
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    What the Pros Know

    Water, water everywhere inspires sustainability director.
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    The Burning Question

    Are marches and protests an effective way of bringing about political change?