Fall 2018

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Volume 124

  • Dear Readers,

    When I became president in 2015, I challenged the Ursinus community to think differently, take risks, go big and make Ursinus great. At the time, I had no doubt that all of you would rise to the challenge. keep reading

Also In This Issue

  • Leah Joseph

    Getting to Know Leah Joseph

    This Ursinus geologist’s research goes to great depths (literally) to study climate conditions of the recent—and not so recent—past.

  • Prof Richard Wallace

    The Burning Question: Is Our Relationship with Nature Catastrophic?

    Disasters are deeply revealing. The 2010 blowout of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico occurred because government and industry safety measures were overmatched by the operation’s regulatory and technical complexity. 

  • thumbanil sustain by numbers

    Sustainability By The Numbers

    Our infographics tell the story of sustainability on campus – from waste reduction efforts, to trasnportation, food and grounds. See the numbers.
  • Ursinus Book Inside

    Lost & Found

    Ursinus College takes its name from 16th century reformer, teacher and thinker Zacharias Baer (1534–83), who took a Latin version of his German name and became known as Zacharias Ursinus. But what do we know of his teachings? 

  • Reflections Dawkins

    Alumnus Chronicles Life as Reckless But Lucky

    In his new memoir, Ed Dawkins ’55 recalls a unique and adventurous life, including vivid memories of his time as an Ursinus student.
    -By Geoff Gehman

yearinreview big2

This year-in-review presents a closer look at the significant progress made toward the plan’s seven objectives and the three pillars on which they are built: learning, living together and building lifelong connections. Intentionally interwoven among the objectives are stories of just some of the faculty, staff, students and alumni who have helped us meet those goals and shape our year. View their profiles.