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Ursinus College faculty are on the cutting-edge of new and innovative research.
Our scholars apply their expertise to a range of contemporary topics while
viewing them through a unique lens.

Because we are a liberal arts institution, we have license to break the boundaries of
conventional scholarship in ways that maximize its impact.

Meet our researchers.

Research in Brief

Using Poetry to Tell the Stories of the 20th Century’s Great Migration

Making His Case: Can Conservatives be at Home in Higher Ed?

Science of the Heart

The Sound and the Shape

Finding—and Painting—the Drama in Everyday Items

The Scientists


Media Influencers


The storytellers


Label that reads “The Artist”


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Ann Karreth, Politics
100 Years of the 19th Amendment
Jennifer King, Neuroscience
Understanding Neurogenerative Disorders
Jennifer VanGilder, Business & Economics
The Economics of Attractiveness
Denise Finney, Biology
Optimizing Ecosystems to Enhance Sustainability
Ryan Walvoord, Chemistry
Let There Be Light



Beyond the Classroom

nathan rein

Building Community and Boosting Political Knowledge

Professor Nathan Rein

Talia Argondezzi

Pivoting from U.S. Literature to Comedy

Talia Argondezzi

Featured Faculty Achievements

Simara Price

Tom Carroll

Inclusive Community Fellows

Alice Leppert

Denise Finney

Teresa Ko