Uniquely Ursinus

You don’t reach the 150-year mark by just following the pack. Here at Ursinus, we proudly act our age—and with good reason. 

Consistently ranked among the top 100 liberal arts colleges in the nation, we boast 170 gorgeous acres that are designed like an academic village: three interdisciplinary neighborhoods, a new Innovation and Discovery Center for research, plus premier arts and athletics facilities. We are also one of the nation’s “Top Green” colleges, with an organic farm and wooded trail system. But mostly, we are a community and a home.

Quest Core Curriculum


Our History


Small World, Strong Ties


Our Campus Directions Include Statues


Our Suburban Philadelphia Location


Common Intellectual Experience



You graduate equipped in the knowledge, skill and judgment not simply to make a living but to make a life of purpose, with the knowledge to flourish as an individual and as a global citizen.

“As an entrepreneur specifically, it is crucial to be able to understand and make judgments in context—to see the big picture and make connections among concepts, among seemingly disparate fields of study, and among people with different perspectives, personalities, and areas of expertise.”

Joseph DeSimone ’86 
Renowned scholar, chemist and entrepreneur

CEO and founder of Carbon